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  • Oct 2013
  • 14

Mediashift recognizes Medium has momentum

Oth­er writ­ers are hes­i­tant about Medi­um. Christi­na War­ren, senior tech ana­lyst at Mash­able, has five drafts that she has yet...

  • Jul 2011
  • 22

The Bachelor: Hulu Style

Note: I orginal­ly post­ed this entry to my Google+ account. I liked it so much, I decid­ed to reblog it...

  • Nov 2010
  • 7

Why Apple Should Ignore Pleas to Consider a Seven Inch Tablet

Steve Jobs nailed the problem with the seven inch form factor when he called them "tweeners" -- pleas from the...

  • Feb 2010
  • 6

Of Tablets and iPads

Talk about a mulligan, I can't even write my own unique blog content this week, I'm just going to promote...

  • Jan 2010
  • 15

Helping Haiti

It seems silly to write about something mundane like my life when so many people are suffering, dying and in...

  • Jan 2010
  • 7

Grace and Dignity…Roger Ebert is the Man

Roger Ebert has always been one of my professional heroes. He is now one of my personal heroes as well.

  • Dec 2009
  • 13

Project 52: Writing More Here in 2010

I don't like neglecting my blog. That's why I'm joining Project 52!

  • Nov 2009
  • 22

OS and Life in General…">On iMacs, Chrome OS and Life in General…

My disorganized thoughts about my new iMac 27" i7, Chrome OS and why I haven't been updating my blog...

  • Sep 2009
  • 7

Christina Gets Mashed

As of August 24, I am now a staff writer for Mashable!

  • Jun 2009
  • 19

Why Movies Matter: “Up”

I post­ed about this in my Tum­blr, but I need­ed to do a full, prop­er post. John Gru­ber linked to...



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