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  • Nov 2012
  • 8

Testing JetPack 2.0

Jet­Pack 2.0 is out and I’m test­ing some of the new fea­tures ahead of my Mash­able review. It now fea­tures...

  • Nov 2010
  • 5

I’m Not Dead!

But I’m also not doing any­thing spe­cial here but test­ing a plu­g­in. A real update com­ing, well, eventually. [black­bird­pie url=“”]

  • Dec 2008
  • 31

Testing Blogo…

So I recent­ly re-ran across Blo­go, a blog­ging app for OS X. The last time I looked at it, a...

  • Sep 2008
  • 12

Yes, I’m cross-posting

In April of 2001, I signed up for a LiveJournal account. It has remained formant for the last 16 months....

  • Sep 2008
  • 10

Widgetized Hotness

Once again, Chris Murphy is the just cannot be said enough!

  • Aug 2008
  • 25

Webmaster Jam Session 2008

Atlanta is often left-out of the Web Conference mix, so I'm super psyched that my hometown is hosting this year's...

  • Aug 2008
  • 8

Blogging from the BlackBerry

Although the BlackBerry market of good third-party software is woefully underdeveloped, I am excited to say I have discovered a...

  • Jul 2008
  • 17


Technology has failed me!

  • Jul 2008
  • 13

S3">Video Tutorial: Automate Media Temple (gs) backups with Amazon S3

This is a video follow-up to my last post about S3 Backups on Media Temple's (gs)

  • Jun 2008
  • 24

S3 to backup Media Temple’s Grid (gs)">Using Amazon S3 to backup Media Temple’s Grid (gs)

Proper backups are like eating your vegetables -- we all say we'll do it and that it is a good...



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