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  • Apr 2010
  • 10

Blogging From the iPad

So I’ve had the iPad for a week now and I absolute­ly love it! It’s a tru­ly fan­tas­tic device that’s...

  • Feb 2010
  • 6

Of Tablets and iPads

Talk about a mulligan, I can't even write my own unique blog content this week, I'm just going to promote...

  • Nov 2009
  • 22

OS and Life in General…">On iMacs, Chrome OS and Life in General…

My disorganized thoughts about my new iMac 27" i7, Chrome OS and why I haven't been updating my blog...

  • Sep 2009
  • 14

C-Mac Gets An iPhone (Finally)

Yeah, I caved. Fuck the carrier, I NEEDED an iPhone.

  • Aug 2009
  • 3

OS X 10.6 Available for Pre-Order">Mac OS X 10.6 Available for Pre-Order

Yeah, I'm fucking trolling for affiliate clicks. I admit it.

  • Jan 2009
  • 4

Macworld 2009 Info

If you want to get in touch at Macworld 2009, or follow along - this is my info:

  • Dec 2008
  • 31

Testing Blogo…

So I recent­ly re-ran across Blo­go, a blog­ging app for OS X. The last time I looked at it, a...

  • Dec 2008
  • 30

New Year, New Apartment and Macworld 2009

Happy almost 2009! The last few months of my life have been CRAZY and the next 12 days look to...

  • Jun 2008
  • 6

Walt Mossberg Says

Uncle Walt says...

  • Mar 2008
  • 1

Blackberry 8320: Week One

It's been just over a week and I can honestly say, I'm completely addicted. Now if only native Mac support...


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