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Blogging From the iPad

So I’ve had the iPad for a week now and I absolute­ly love it! It’s a tru­ly fan­tas­tic device that’s just going go get bet­ter over time. Is it per­fect? Of course not, but short of my iMac, I’m not sure what elec­tron­ic gad­get I own is.

I did­n’t buy an iPhone in 2007 for two rea­sons: AT&T and lack of apps. The pow­er of the apps and my love of the sec­ond gen iPod touch forced me to capit­u­late and move to the iPhone 3GS. My love of the 3GS (plus work, admit­ted­ly) is what pushed me to the iPad.

I’m typ­ing this on the on-screen key­board in the ser­vice­able (but not per­fect) Word­Press iPad app. Despite the imper­fec­tions that come along with touch typ­ing on a touch­screen, I’m doing OK. Also, while I got a 32GB iPad at launch, it’ll be going to Grant as soon as my 64GB 3G iPad ships. Hey, I want­ed to go big or go home. Plus, I can already see myself load­ing this thing with con­tent.

I think that all of the pun­dits bitch­ing about this or that aspect of the iPad are off-base. If I nev­er did any­thing else but surf the web in bed or on my couch, read eBooks or watch Net­flix, I’d feel I had my monies worth. Sim­ply put, it’s just so nice to have such a low pro­file and usable media pad. This is some­thing I’ve want­ed for years and years. As nice as lap­tops are, they aren’t great for curl­ing up in bed and they don’t have the bat­tery life to go days with­out charg­ing.

My mom is get­ting an iPad for Moth­er’s Day and for her, it will like­ly be her pri­ma­ry com­put­er. No more slow bootups, crash­es and bat­tery issues. She can take it and the Blue­tooth key­board and case and just go crazy. I can’t wait to see her use it.

Doing links in this app is annoy­ing so I’ll have to update lat­er, but here are a few of my favorite apps so far:

* GoodRead­er — loved the iPhone app, equal­ly love the iPad ver­sion. It can do so much and I can’t wait to see it get bet­ter (like open files from Mail). The way it con­nects to Google Docs is just awe­some.

* Things — Cul­tured Code did a stel­lar job. If you have Things for Mac, it’s well worth get­ting for the iPad.

* Netflix/ABC — both apps are awe­some for video.

* Ever­note — I haven’t been an Ever­note fan but the iPad app and its easy mul­ti-device sync con­vinced me to do the pre­mi­um upgrade.

Too many games to men­tion. I just want apps like Write­Room, Tex­tEx­pander and Paste­bot to get iPad ver­sions so that I can get a real­ly sol­id pro­duc­tiv­i­ty flow.

So this is just my iPad update. I’m off to con­tin­ue to enjoy a rare day off!





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Shab­bir Akhtar - Gravatar

Shab­bir Akhtar said:

Can’t wait to get my hands on an iPad… wait­ing for it to come to India… the antic­i­pa­tion is killing me…

Posted on: April 10, 2010 at 8:17 pmQuote this Comment
Michael Gaines - Gravatar

Michael Gaines said:

I’ve been liv­ing with the iPad since last week and I have to say I love it too. It’s that device I need­ed between a desk­top and lap­top. Now I’ll use the lap­top for cod­ing on the deck, and the iPad for sit­ting around.

I love Goodread­er, the best $1 I spent on an app ever. It’s a shame that Apple nev­er made a Doc­u­ments space like they did with Pho­tos, Movies, and Music, but per­haps they will in the future. I don’t like the idea of hav­ing a PDF file dupli­cat­ed because one app works does one thing well with PDFs and anoth­er app does anoth­er thing well.

One work­flow I have run­ning is grab