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FOWA 2010 Bound">FOWA 2010 Bound

Bouncing in the club where the heat is on, all night on the beach 'til the break of dawn, I'm going to Miami!


So, I’ve neglect­ed my blog. I made it not even three weeks into my whole “write once a week thing.” Oh, well. In my defense, I’ve been insane­ly busy. That busi­ness is prob­a­bly what led to my out-of-nowhere out­break of intesti­nal yuck­i­ness that can best be described as “three days I wish to nev­er relive.” I’m still afraid to eat sol­id food.

But on to bet­ter things! As you can see by the title and the lit­tle ban­ner graph­ic, I will be going to Mia­mi next month for the Future of Web Apps! I’m so excit­ed for so many rea­sons. I’ve long admired Car­son­i­fied and am so thrilled to be going to one of their events! Even bet­ter, I’m going to get to cov­er the event as a reporter and pod­cast­er for both Mash­able and!

My good friend Dan Ben­jamin just offi­cial­ly embarked on mak­ing pod­cast­ing and inter­views and heck, Inter­net broad­cast­ing as his career. It’s so awe­some to get to see him ful­fill a long­stand­ing dream, espe­cial­ly in an area that he is immense­ly capa­ble — and Dan is capa­ble of so many things, but he real­ly rocks at this!

I’ll be join­ing his show The Con­ver­sa­tion to pro­vide news and maybe some wit­ty ban­ter and we’ll be inter­view­ing any­one and every­one at FOWA! By the way, lis­ten to the first episode of The Con­ver­sa­tion here. It’s a total iPad dis­sec­tion by some real­ly smart peo­ple. How I got includ­ed in the mix — man, some­one pinch me.

Any­hoo, FOWA has a freak­ing amaz­ing line­up and if you are look­ing for a good con­fer­ence to go to where you can actu­al­ly you know, put down your fuck­ing phone and pay atten­tion and learn shit — this is that con­fer­ence. I’ve heard noth­ing but stel­lar stuff and just look­ing at the speak­ers, you can see Car­son­i­fied does­n’t fuck around. They get the goods.

I can’t wait!




January 2010

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Jesse - Gravatar

Jesse said:

I know this is an old post but it looked lone­ly in here.. and to be quite hon­est, I just read your “Com­ment Guide­lines” above and got a kick.. I mean, fuck yeah, I thought that was great.. 😛 I’m all for open expres­sion and like you said, The chil­dren are the future, teach them well and let them lead the way, show them all the… whats the rest… some­thing about beau­ty and what­ev­er… any­how, they will pick this shit up some­where so why not here I guess.

Back to actu­al­ly rel­e­vant items, you have a nice blog here.. you should try to post more often 😀 I will do my part and try to be an active par­tic­i­pant (read trolling the com­ments) and if you can point me to the neked pics sec­tion that would be awe­some as well, I’m guess­ing there here some­where?? :-p

Any­how, franks for all you do.. asta la vista

Posted on: June 24, 2010 at 10:39 amQuote this Comment
Mar­vin L Foushee - Gravatar

Mar­vin L Foushee said:

This is a kick-ass blog, Christi­na. How many bitch­es do you have in you posse?

Posted on: April 12, 2011 at 9:06 amQuote this Comment