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Yes, I’m cross-posting

In April of 2001, I signed up for a LiveJournal account. It has remained formant for the last 16 months. It is now less dormant.

When I first start­ed keep­ing a jour­nal online, the term “blog” had­n’t become main­stay or even com­mon­place. I nev­er con­sid­ered that site my blog, it was my jour­nal.

In April of 2001, I signed up for a Live­Jour­nal account. For 6 years, it was some­thing I used very fre­quent­ly and it remains an arti­fact of sorts of my late adolescence/college life. I’m not link­ing to it (if you find it, you find it, but I have no desire to pub­li­cize my angst and ennui at 19 or 20, I just don’t), but it exists. It has remained dor­mant for the last 16 months. It is now less dor­mant.

Using Live+Press, I’m cross-post­ing my blog entries to Live­Jour­nal, so that Ryan and any­one else who still has me on their Friends List and wants to keep up can do so.

Although I moved onto some­thing else, as hap­pens with tech­nol­o­gy, Live­Jour­nal and the friend­ships and rela­tion­ships I made there will always hold a spe­cial place in my heart. It was my first online home out­side of my GeoC­i­ties web­sites.



Edit: Per­haps not. This does­n’t seem to be work­ing as well as I planned.




September 2008

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Lin­da Sher­man - Gravatar

Lin­da Sher­man said:

Just stop­ping by to give you a hug. Thank you for gen­er­ous help to Jerusha. She has named you “my favorite geek god­dess” on her blogroll. How per­fect. Dit­to for me!

Posted on: September 13, 2008 at 6:12 pmQuote this Comment
Lau­rent Bau­mann - Gravatar

Lau­rent Bau­mann said:

Fun­ny, cause I was read­ing your first posts on this blog like, 3 days ago (I’m such a curi­ous guy lol) 😉

Posted on: September 17, 2008 at 1:10 pmQuote this Comment
Christi­na - Gravatar

Christi­na said:

@Linda — aww, my plea­sure! You both are so awe­some, I love doing any­thing I can to help!

@Laurent — by all means, read all you want (I have linked to the old jour­nal on two occa­sions) on this blog or else­where, I just was­n’t going to direct link to it again. It’s more per­son­al embar­rass­ment over my col­lege dra­ma than any­thing else 🙂

Posted on: September 17, 2008 at 1:14 pmQuote this Comment
dawSaure - Gravatar

dawSaure said:

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Onto­movoins - Gravatar

Onto­movoins said:

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anaeroeasen - Gravatar

anaeroeasen said:

Hap­py New Year!
Health, luck and love!

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car­lax­pease - Gravatar

car­lax­pease said:

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