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Comments on: Blackberry 8320: Week One https://www.christinawarren.com/2008/03/01/blackberry-review-mac/ I need a funny tagline Thu, 28 Aug 2008 04:54:18 +0000 hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=5.4.2 By: Christina https://www.christinawarren.com/2008/03/01/blackberry-review-mac/#comment-649 Thu, 28 Aug 2008 04:54:18 +0000 http://www.christinawarren.com/2008/03/01/blackberry-review-mac/#comment-649 Steve,
Thanks for the link! I can’t wait!

Since I have to upgrade my phone in VMWare or Parallels, I’m trying to wait until the official T‑Mobile 4.5 software comes out (so I don’t have to do it more than once).

By: Steve https://www.christinawarren.com/2008/03/01/blackberry-review-mac/#comment-648 Thu, 28 Aug 2008 04:50:51 +0000 http://www.christinawarren.com/2008/03/01/blackberry-review-mac/#comment-648 If you upgrade your os on your bb curve to the new os you will be able to do videos.

check out this link:

By: Edwin https://www.christinawarren.com/2008/03/01/blackberry-review-mac/#comment-617 Mon, 04 Aug 2008 18:29:16 +0000 http://www.christinawarren.com/2008/03/01/blackberry-review-mac/#comment-617 I just bought my BB and In a couple of days I should I have in my front door. Am some what worried about the whole Mac and BB thing, since I only use Macs for my computer needs. I wound love a program that can wirelessly sync Itunes and mail to my BB but so far i haven’t found one program that can do that with ease.

If you find some new software for the whole Mac and BB sync, please let us know with an update in this post.

By: Nemet https://www.christinawarren.com/2008/03/01/blackberry-review-mac/#comment-596 Sun, 20 Jul 2008 12:43:23 +0000 http://www.christinawarren.com/2008/03/01/blackberry-review-mac/#comment-596 @Linda Sherman — now, what kind of question is that ? Pure fanboyish nothing else. I love Apple more than anything, I do all my work on Apple machines and when I say all my work, I mean it. I have some of the largest clients in auto industry (Chrysler, BMW, Toyota, Nissan etc.), and all my 3D and video compositing I do on Apple computers. But, c’mon… when it comes to the iPhone, I wouldn’t use it for anything in the world. First of all, all those stupid contracts that ties you to the specific carrier, through some minor phone glitches, to some huge ones, like these I’ll list in here:

- Touchscreen imprecise; can’t adjust for parallax (finger/screen offset)
— Web pages cannot be saved for offline viewing
— Cannot browse iPhone’s folders by any means
— No Flash, Java or native application support (c’mon, everything is Flash today when it comes to the internet)
— Extremely strong radio frequency interference with other electronic accessories in house
— No voice dialing; full hands-free operation impossible
— No VoIP support for Wi-Fi
— No voice-record capability; iPod add-on did not function
— Quality of camera is comparatively poor; focus distance limited; no digital zoom; cannot capture video
— No exposure control in camera, very slow shutter creates blurry images
— No text select/copy/paste (unbelievable, but true… they didn’t fix it in 3G version either)
— Phone audio quality below par
— No third-party software (unforgettable)
— Cursor positioning inside editable text is difficult
— No musical ring tones

and the list goes on and on… not forgetting to mention that for every-day business, tools are not so flexible. Blackberry beats iPhone in every aspect, except the cosmetic one. I love the user interface and how innovative it really is, but that’s about it. You can get it with many other phones out there for example Samsung Instinkt or Omnia units. BTW, these two are a lot richer in functions than iPhone.

So let’s not be fanboys, let’s take a look what’s better and in this case Blackberry is something that wins by a mile.

@Christina — I feel your frustration with MissingSynch, I feel 100% the same way. I also hope RIM will develop BB Desktop Manager for Mac and I hope it will happen soon. I have PC laptop as well, so I don’t hold it as that much of a problem, but sure I want to be able to do everything on my Mac, and ditch this virus-malware-bag for good.

By: Christina Warren https://www.christinawarren.com/2008/03/01/blackberry-review-mac/#comment-492 Sat, 10 May 2008 13:40:03 +0000 http://www.christinawarren.com/2008/03/01/blackberry-review-mac/#comment-492 Chris,
You’re not the first person to tell me that 😉 What can I say, for my purposes, MissingSync totally, totally failed, whereas Pocket Mac was able to at least get the job done. I’m not transferring e‑mail though, just synching contacts. For iCal/Blackberry calendar synching, I actually found the best way to do this was via Google’s Sync tool for BlackBerry combined with BusySync, which basically enables me to have my iCal and gCal always up-to-date (and in turn, my BlackBerry just gets its calendar data from Google) and it is all done without needing to connect my phone to my computer.

Still, we need a native Mac BlackBerry program. Here’s to hoping the next version of the desktop software will include an OS X variant!

By: Chris Peden https://www.christinawarren.com/2008/03/01/blackberry-review-mac/#comment-491 Sat, 10 May 2008 10:44:46 +0000 http://www.christinawarren.com/2008/03/01/blackberry-review-mac/#comment-491 I have to disagree with you on sync’ing software. PocketMac is junk and Missing Sync works very well.

By: Robert Chute https://www.christinawarren.com/2008/03/01/blackberry-review-mac/#comment-249 Mon, 24 Mar 2008 02:02:32 +0000 http://www.christinawarren.com/2008/03/01/blackberry-review-mac/#comment-249 Same here with the iPhone. Tried it with AT&T for a while, but just couldn’t do business with them. Use my iPhone with T‑Mobile now and am glad I switched. You should try out an unlocked iPhone with you T‑Mobile SIM and see how you like it.

By: Angie Chung https://www.christinawarren.com/2008/03/01/blackberry-review-mac/#comment-232 Wed, 12 Mar 2008 16:36:37 +0000 http://www.christinawarren.com/2008/03/01/blackberry-review-mac/#comment-232 Thanks for posting this blog about the BB 8320. I to own a MBP and loving every moment of both techy toys.
Also KUDOS about letting us know about RIM coming out (hopefully) about a Mac version of BB connect.
But still itching to get the iPhone. LOVE Safari not Windows.

By: Christina https://www.christinawarren.com/2008/03/01/blackberry-review-mac/#comment-218 Sun, 02 Mar 2008 23:27:36 +0000 http://www.christinawarren.com/2008/03/01/blackberry-review-mac/#comment-218 Linda,
In an earlier entry about my new phone, I went into the details about why I couldn’t get an iPhone — it basically boils down to me not willing to give BellSouth/Cingular/AT&T/whatever any of my money. Granted, an iPhone that can record video might have me eating my words, but until then, the customer service experience was just THAT awful (we’re talking had to cancel credit cards because they wouldn’t stop charging me for a canceled account awful) that it’ll take more than the iPhone’s awesomeness to get me to use their service. Especially since I can get an iPod Touch. But I totally understand that I’m way more dramatic about my grudges than most people. 🙂

By: Linda Sherman https://www.christinawarren.com/2008/03/01/blackberry-review-mac/#comment-217 Sun, 02 Mar 2008 23:01:19 +0000 http://www.christinawarren.com/2008/03/01/blackberry-review-mac/#comment-217 Nice thorough review. You might want to mention why, as a Mac Girl, you aren’t on iPhone. I adore my iPhone. I have had uneventful service from Cingular for years. But I realize that some people just don’t want to be hooked to them.