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No, I’m not writing about the Super Bowl…

Web design can be so complicated -- I love it, but at the same time, I hate it when things break for no reason...In the words of the late, great Heather Chandler: "Fuck me gently with a chainsaw."...

**A minor clar­i­fi­ca­tion — please do not take my bitch­ings about my own inad­e­qua­cies in over­ly cus­tomiz­ing my website/theme as an admon­ish­ment of the Word­Press plat­form. Word­Press is prob­a­bly the best plat­form for the less savvy user who still wants to be able to tweak/customize because it is easy to use and has tons of sup­port. The fact that I would rather bitch about some­thing not work­ing per­fect­ly than take the time to fig­ure it out myself is on me — not the sys­tem.**

Well, as you can see, I have updat­ed my site’s theme to match Chris Mur­phy’s lat­est ver­sion. I can’t reit­er­ate enough how thank­ful I am that he made his theme and files pub­licly avail­able. Tru­ly, tru­ly out­stand­ing work.

After I screwed up and over­wrote my CSS files TWICE (yeah, yeah, I have a habit of doing stu­pid stuff), I final­ly sat down to update it all today, and unfor­tu­nate­ly (and this is NOT Chris’s fault, I want to make that VERY, VERY clear), it took longer than expect­ed.

Web design can be so com­pli­cat­ed — I love it, but at the same time, I hate it when things break for no rea­son. For instance, for some unknown rea­son, the way things were dis­play­ing in MAMP and the way they dis­play right now on the live site were not exact­ly in-synch. I get that the JSQuery stuff might not work on a MAMP install with­out doing some­thing to it — some­thing I can’t be both­ered with adjust­ing — that’s fine. But I spent a good 45 min­utes try­ing to fig­ure out why my links weren’t show­ing up as with the cor­rect background/hover over, only to find out that they look just fine on the live site. In the words of the late, great Heather Chan­dler: “Fuck me gen­tly with a chain­saw.” An aside, sad­ly Kim Walk­er, the actress who played Heather Chan­dler, died from a cere­bral her­nia, caused by a brain tumor, in 2001.

Any­hoo, in addi­tion to MAM­P’s short­com­ings, I’m also hav­ing to deal with the fact that I don’t know how the Word­Press default style class sys­tems work as well as I thought I did. That’s not true, I nev­er real­ly took the time to learn them; I’m still not as good with them as I thought. Why does this mat­ter? Well, because in order to get my Book­marks list to look like it did before but with the new full roll over sys­tem, I have to fig­ure out how to fix the style class­es to show descrip­tions with­out break­ing every­thing. I’ll fig­ure it out — it’s just frus­trat­ing. I’ll prob­a­bly have to do the same thing with my Twit­ter plu­g­in too. I real­ly need to work on get­ting this theme wid­getized, not because I nec­es­sar­i­ly like wid­gets, but because it could poten­tial­ly solve so many of these styling prob­lems.

While I’m bitch­ing, I would also like to say that it is 1:49 AM and I can hear peo­ple break­ing bot­tles or some shit near the trash com­pactor, which is fair­ly close to my apart­ment. I live in the first group of build­ings, and actu­al­ly, I have a pret­ty sweet loca­tion — my deck over­looks the pool. But as a result, I’m near the front of the com­plex and can hear this sort of shit. It’s annoy­ing. At least the my neigh­bors who used to get into yelling match­es moved away. That was like, not great. It woke me up a few times. I final­ly just start­ed scream­ing through the walls to “shut the fuck up” and then I start­ed blast­ing Nine Inch Nails direct­ly at the wall at like 2 and 3 AM. Fair is fair. Plus, I learned from ER that you don’t want to get direct­ly involved in neigh­bor­ly domes­tic dis­putes. That dude punched the hell out of Abby after she sent the wife to a half-way house (it did­n’t help that she had start­ed drink­ing again and was­n’t real­ly using the most sound judge­ment in talk­ing to him through the chain-lock).

Oh — bitch­ing item #3 — I need a new cell phone. Like, I had to open mine up yes­ter­day so that the LCD screen would start work­ing again. This was right before I paid $75 for a hair­cut. How Geek Chic is that? I open up my phone and then get my eye­brows done and my hair cut.

I want the new Black­ber­ry Curve. Any­one want to get me one? Or con­tribute to the “Buy Christi­na a New Cell Phone” fund? Bueller, Bueller? Yeah, did­n’t think so.





February 2008

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Lin­daSh­er­man - Gravatar

Lin­daSh­er­man said:

I’m in the midst of try­ing to launch a blog on and you are slight­ly ter­ri­fy­ing me.
You want a Black­ber­ry instead of an iPhone? I thought you were a Mac Girl.

Posted on: February 4, 2008 at 2:30 amQuote this Comment
Christi­na - Gravatar

Christi­na said:

Please don’t be ter­ri­fied, hon­est­ly, Word­Press is the eas­i­est sys­tem with the most options and sup­port of all the var­i­ous blog­ging plat­forms out there (at least in my opin­ion). My prob­lem is that I like to be dif­fi­cult and alter per­fect­ly good beau­ti­ful themes for my own ben­e­fit, just because I like to be dif­fi­cult. Word­Press is a great sys­tem, and despite my own per­son­al issues with it from time to time, I real­ly do think that in terms of options/ease of use, is is prob­a­bly the best plat­form out there for the user who isn’t an expert in PHP.

I want an iPhone, but I refuse to enter a con­tract with AT&T (I’ve had bad expe­ri­ences with both AT&T and Cin­gu­lar, and now that they are one com­pa­ny, I refuse to give them $80 a month, on prin­ci­ple as much as any­thing else). Trust me, if I felt more con­fi­dent about the state of the unlocked phones, I would buy one of those. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, I think I need a phone before that will end up work­ing itself out 😉

Posted on: February 4, 2008 at 7:21 amQuote this Comment
Gary - Gravatar

Gary said:

Christi­na I like your blog design as it is not clut­tered and very easy to nav­i­gate. Keep up the good work and keep push­ing your­self each day to be cre­ative.

Posted on: February 4, 2008 at 9:19 amQuote this Comment
Christi­na - Gravatar

Christi­na said:

Thanks Gary, I’ll do my best!

Posted on: February 4, 2008 at 9:22 amQuote this Comment
Jay Cuthrell - Gravatar

Jay Cuthrell said:

While my Black­ber­ry 8830 has been rock sol­id, I still har­bor not-so-secret desires for an iPhone.

Posted on: February 4, 2008 at 9:32 amQuote this Comment
Christi­na - Gravatar

Christi­na said:

I hear ya Jay! Trust me, if I could rec­on­cile using AT&T, I’d be there. I’m prob­a­bly just being over­ly stub­born (I was last with Cin­gu­lar in Jan­u­ary 2001 — so it’s been 7 years, though my mom had a bad expe­ri­ence with them as recent­ly as two years ago after the Cingular/AT&T Wire­less merg­er, and that was before the most recent SBC/AT&T acqui­si­tion), but I real­ly despise the idea of being tied to a car­ri­er I hate just to use a phone. Once the unlocks become more has­sle-free (and they are get­ting there) with upgrades and such, I’ll prob­a­bly con­sid­er it.

Good to hear about your BB though!

Posted on: February 4, 2008 at 9:36 amQuote this Comment
Chris Mur­phy - Gravatar

Chris Mur­phy said:

Hi Christi­na — I just read this post — it’s actu­al­ly a very good thing I did because I felt that I was leav­ing some­thing sig­nif­i­cant out of my README.txt and you’ve point­ed it out nice­ly. Since I refac­tored many of the side­bar styles, I did­n’t exact­ly include instruc­tions on how to extend/interchange them with oth­er side­bar ele­ments (e.g. book­mars for­mat­ted like recent com­ments). Hope­ful­ly this will help:

1. You will need to out­put your book­marks in the fol­low­ing XHTML for­mat:


This should give you a sim­i­lar struc­ture as the recent com­ments, so that the while list item is click­able.

2. Take a look at the class­es used in the recent com­ments. You will need to spec­i­fy the fol­low­ing in your list:

That should be it. You can use the same struc­ture for your tweet­er feeds, if it does­n’t turn out, let me know which plu­g­in you are using and I’ll put togeth­er a cus­tom side­bar box for it. Hell, send me a list of side­bar wid­gets, I’ll devel­op a series of them and make them avail­able for down­load 😉

Posted on: February 4, 2008 at 11:46 amQuote this Comment
Christi­na - Gravatar

Christi­na said:

You are awe­some! I fig­ured I would have to do some­thing like that (esp. as far as the class sys­tem), but you have helped me out immense­ly by com­ment­ing with that XML string. Awe­some!

Posted on: February 4, 2008 at 11:49 amQuote this Comment
Chris Mur­phy - Gravatar

Chris Mur­phy said:

I sup­pose I should have read the “allowed markup” before post­ing 🙁

This is what was sup­posed to be in #1:

<li><a href="%comment_link" title="%bookmark_title"><span class="heading">%bookmark_title</span><span class="excerpt">%bookmark_description</span></a></li>

Posted on: February 4, 2008 at 11:52 amQuote this Comment

Choos­ing a CMS/Blogging Plat­form… | said:

[…] This entry was post­ed on Mon, Feb­ru­ary 4th, 2008. You can fol­low any respons­es to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or track­back from your own site. Pre­vi­ous Entry […]

Jared - Gravatar

Jared said:

Black­Ber­ry has been great to me. The new OS 4.5 slat­ed to come out by this sum­mer will have full sup­port for stream­ing media (includ­ing YouTube) and a whole bunch of addi­tion­al con­sumer-ori­ent­ed fea­tures. E‑mail is incred­i­ble on it, too. There’s a tiny learn­ing curve but it won’t take long to get over it (I was main­ly poi­soned from two and a half years of WIn­dows Mobile expe­ri­ence). Oh, and you can change the Black­Ber­ry’s bat­tery with­out send­ing it back to Apple (or void­ing your war­ran­ty ;))

Posted on: February 4, 2008 at 9:47 pmQuote this Comment
Chris Mur­phy - Gravatar

Chris Mur­phy said:

Wid­gets. I final­ly fig­ured them out. All this time that I was pro­cras­ti­nat­ing about learn­ing how to write one, and as it turns out it was so bloody easy. I’m going to wid­getize the side­bar for the Lemon Twist theme 😀

Posted on: August 29, 2008 at 5:48 pmQuote this Comment
Christi­na - Gravatar

Christi­na said:

That is awe­some!! I had it fig­ured out for the first ver­sion of the theme but I was nev­er able to get it to work in the sec­ond ver­sion, unless I set wid­gets in anoth­er theme first and then applied Lemon Twist.


Posted on: September 3, 2008 at 9:34 amQuote this Comment