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Archive for February, 2008

  • Feb 2008
  • 29

Updated Comment Guidelines

Yeah, I wasn't aware I had any "comment guidelines" -- whoops.

  • Feb 2008
  • 29

Shocker Alert: Quarterlife canned! Except for the whole “shocking” part

When NBC announced that they were going to try airing this monstrosity on network TV back in December, I knew...

  • Feb 2008
  • 26

Two Months…

It's such a relief to have fixed something that has been bothering me for like three weeks. I can get...

  • Feb 2008
  • 25

2008 Oscars Wrap up (and my favorite moment)

Although there were a few really nice moments during this year's telecast, my favorite moment was the performance and subsequent...

  • Feb 2008
  • 24

The Oscars 2008: Pre-game Predictions/Thoughts

You might not want to necessarily bet money on these predictions, but these are my thoughts nonetheless...

  • Feb 2008
  • 23

Best Picture Marathon 2008

Sitting in a movie theater for 12 hours, watching five movies back-to-back = bliss!

  • Feb 2008
  • 16

New phone maddness!

Some people might think that signing a 2-year agreement to save a mere $50 is stupid -- but I've been...

  • Feb 2008
  • 12

Squadcast #11 — Pimp your WordPress!

This is pretty cool, we talked to Alex King from Crowd Favorite about WordPress and discuss a few of the...

  • Feb 2008
  • 4

CMS/Blogging Platform…">Choosing a CMS/Blogging Platform…

I'm working on a more thorough analysis for Download Squad, but after reading Linda's comment, I thought now might be...

  • Feb 2008
  • 4

No, I’m not writing about the Super Bowl…

Web design can be so complicated -- I love it, but at the same time, I hate it when things...



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