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Crazy Eight for ’08 — 8 things About Me Meme

...and since this site/blog is in the early stages of its life/development, I think it's a good idea to share some random things about myself

Shashi Bel­lamkon­da tagged me for this Meme, and since this site/blog is in the ear­ly stages of its life/development, I think it’s a good idea (espe­cial­ly because I’m pret­ty sure most of my vis­i­tors have ven­tured here thanks to Twit­ter and thus are unfa­mil­iar with my pre­vi­ous blogs, sites, writ­ings).

8 Random “Christina Facts”

1. I have a near-pho­to­graph­ic mem­o­ry (it both intrigues/mildly freaks-out my psy­chi­a­trist) — espe­cial­ly for infor­ma­tion I con­sid­er non­sen­si­cal. If I read some­thing once and find it even mild­ly inter­est­ing, chances are I will remem­ber that fact basi­cal­ly for­ev­er. There are excep­tions, and my mem­o­ry is by no means per­fect — but it is freak­ish­ly good — espe­cial­ly for triv­ial/non-sen­si­cal facts. I’m real­ly, real­ly good at remem­ber­ing num­bers and sta­tis­tics and dates of cer­tain events.

2. My elec­tron­ic obses­sion basi­cal­ly began at birth. I remem­ber absolute­ly lov­ing to play/use my Fish­er-Price tape recorder and this thing from Playskool that I called my “com­put­er” (it was­n’t — it was a tape play­er that had but­tons in addi­tion to play/pause/stop that would cor­re­spond with cor­rect answers in each tape/book com­bi­na­tion. It’s hard to explain — it was cool.) at a very, very young age. I got some mon­ey from my grand­fa­ther when I was 5 and bought myself a lit­tle 5″ black and white Mag­navox mini TV/radio for my bed­room. I almost got a Nin­ten­do, but dropped the hint to my par­ents that it would make a bet­ter Christ­mas gift. We did get the Nin­ten­do for Christ­mas in 1988 (and my old­er sis­ter and I opened up the box before Christ­mas morn­ing — well, she did any­way, she was the 12 year old — by stealth­ily cut­ting the tape at the seam to check the con­tents of the sys­tem and the games), so it paid off.

3. I love research. If a top­ic strikes me as inter­est­ing, I love to read up on it and learn as much as I can. I call this going into “research-mode” when I become obsessed with a top­ic and do tons of reading/research/tests in a con­cen­trat­ed peri­od of time. Because of fact #1, I’m very, very for­tu­nate that I tend to retain most of this infor­ma­tion pret­ty much for­ev­er — so remain­ing cur­rent and up-to-date on a cer­tain top­ic does­n’t require near­ly as much ener­gy as the first obses­sive peri­od. I would say that prob­a­bly every sin­gle thing that I con­sid­er myself tru­ly pas­sion­ate about (film, tele­vi­sion, music, tech­nol­o­gy, video games, polit­i­cal his­to­ry, etc.) has been the sub­ject of one of my “research-mode” excur­sions.

4. I was extra­or­di­nar­i­ly neat until I was about 16. Like, OCD lev­el neat (if some­thing was out of place, I would not be able to deal). Then some­thing switched and I became a total, total slob. Like, could­n’t open my bed­room door all the way my entire senior year of high school slob. Like, had to spend three days clean­ing my apart­ment with my mom slob. Like, BAD. After the lat­est clean­ing ram­page this sum­mer, I have gone out of my way to be as neat as pos­si­ble. My apart­ment does­n’t look like a show room (my par­ents house does look like a show room 99% of the time — my mom is always con­vinced it does­n’t, but it does — it looks like a show room), but it is very tidy.

5. My dec­o­ra­tive taste is a weird blend of Pot­tery Barn and total kitsch. Like, I love to have very clean, mod­ern lines with lots of neu­tral col­or palettes (Pot­tery Barn, in essence — and Store­house — my favorite fur­ni­ture store ever — which is now out of busi­ness, but was amaz­ing), but I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE kitsch. What do I mean by kitsch? I mean, Dwight K. Schrute bob­ble-heads from NBC’s The Office. I mean an E.T. Fur­by, a 7′ banana in my din­ing area and framed pro­duc­tion draw­ings from The Simp­sons and Fam­i­ly Guy (those are freak­ing badass). I mean spend­ing $300 to get a Clue­less poster framed above my sofa — in a way that makes it look like an actu­al work of art (it’s a huge dou­ble mat and the out­side mat match­es my sofa to a tee).

6. I love cloth­ing and fash­ion with all of my being but I often HATE shop­ping for clothes. I think it’s because I still have asso­cia­tive mem­o­ries of the absolute hell that clothes shop­ping was in my ear­ly ado­les­cence (when I was 4′9″ and weighed 65 lbs in the 8th grade and had to shop in the chil­dren’s depart­ment to get pants — and this was before aber­crom­bie and the whole tween mar­ket that emu­lat­ed real clothes exist­ed).

7. I think that on prin­ci­ple, I would be a veg­e­tar­i­an — but I’m sim­ply too self­ish and I like meat far too much. I did give up meat once about 5 years ago, dur­ing Nation­al Beef Steak Month — because I thought it was gross to have a month ded­i­cat­ed to beef. I still ate chick­en, but I gave up beef. I became ane­mic. My body decid­ed to revolt against me going polit­i­cal.

8. I’m a habit­u­al talk­er. That’s prob­a­bly one of my biggest social flaws — I talk far too much. I try to keep it in check — but it’s dif­fi­cult. I also speak very, very, very quick­ly — I actu­al­ly enun­ci­ate all my words — but I speak quick­ly nonethe­less. It’s because my brain is always run­ning a mil­lion miles a minute and I wind up speak­ing as fast as I’m think­ing. It’s one of those things that I know annoys oth­er peo­ple, but I can’t always pre­vent myself from doing.




January 2008

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vic­tor - Gravatar

vic­tor said:

some of this sounds like my kid broth­er– he talks a mile a minute, but he does­n’t real­ly enun­ci­ate that well. and the Clue­less poster? that’s awe­some!

Posted on: January 10, 2008 at 8:01 amQuote this Comment
ShashiB - Gravatar

ShashiB said:

Wow- Pho­to­graph­ic mem­o­ry — thats a exce­lent skill to have and I love the psrt about being a good researcher. That shows in your tweets — I can be sure of the sug­es­tion you give.

Great post. thanks for respond­ing.

Posted on: January 10, 2008 at 11:40 amQuote this Comment
Most­ly Lisa - Gravatar

Most­ly Lisa said:

i think if we were any more sim­i­lar, i might start believ­ing in twins sep­a­rat­ed at birth the­o­ry.

first, i have the same near-pho­to­graph­ic mem­o­ry. when i was at my aca­d­e­m­ic peek, i could read my text book once and recall the pages and re-read the sec­tions i need­ed dur­ing an exam. i could also recall a long stream of num­ber that i’d only looked at for a few sec­onds. the sad thing is, i think i’ve peaked with my full abil­i­ties. since fin­ish­ing school my mind is mushi­er and i watch too many movies and use my mem­o­ry to remem­ber the light­ing set-ups or what oth­er roles the actor has played, or what films my fav direc­tors are work­ing on.

i had the same play school recorder. i taped car­toons with it. not sure why but i liked lis­ten­ing to them. and my dad was a com­put­er pro­fes­sor, so i’ve played tetris on every Mac com­put­er since the Apple SE.

and i spent 4 years research­ing ear­ly infant speech devel­op­ment. and at the time i loved it and knew basi­cal­ly every thing on the top­ic. but there are so many things to learn oth­er than baby grunts, so i decid­ed not to pur­sue my Phd and instead work at home for myself and do super­cool mul­ti­me­dia stuff. hooray! pjs all day!

Posted on: January 15, 2008 at 8:59 amQuote this Comment
Lin­daSh­er­man - Gravatar

Lin­daSh­er­man said:

I as glad to meet you at last night’s Tweet­Up and a great plea­sure to be able to come here and get to read about you.

Posted on: January 23, 2008 at 2:00 amQuote this Comment
Bob K Mertz - Gravatar

Bob K Mertz said:

There are few few times that I run into some­one that scares me by the things they say because I swore I was the only per­son that could pos­si­bly say or think those things.….. this appears to be one of those times!

Posted on: January 27, 2008 at 8:31 pmQuote this Comment
8 Lies You Can Tell Your­self to Make Things Inter­est­ing, Part One « - Gravatar

8 Lies You Can Tell Your­self to Make Things Inter­est­ing, Part One « said:

[…] Things You Didn’t Know About Me.” It’s been done very well by my friend Christi­na War­ren, and Mari­na Mar­tin tagged me to do my own ver­sion of the list. The prob­lem is, I’m not real­ly […]

Posted on: January 31, 2008 at 2:06 amQuote this Comment
John Hood - Gravatar

John Hood said:

Although I don’t share a pho­to­graph­ic mem­o­ry — a severe head injury, at pri­ma­ry school, pos­si­bly pre­clud­ed that skill! I too was bought a portable tape recorder in my child­hood! An Hitachi. I start­ed record­ing off tele­vi­sion, my favourite tele­vi­sion shows, and lis­ten­ing to the sounds back with­out the pic­ture (men­tal­ly envis­ag­ing a dif­fer­ent ver­sion). I would nar­rate sto­ries and record con­ver­sa­tions and sounds. It became a form of edu­ca­tion via enter­tain­ment…

Posted on: February 10, 2008 at 1:51 pmQuote this Comment
Sean - Gravatar

Sean said:

Wow — you want to help me write my blog? This is like read­ing my own about page (except maybe 4 — I was always a slob ;)). Espe­cial­ly num­ber 8; I’m actu­al­ly kind of qui­et but when I do talk I talk real­ly real­ly fast, espe­cial­ly after 6 or 7 triple ven­ti espres­sos .… the spo­ken word just isn’t fast enough to get it all out!!

You have a kick ass site and are no doubt a most excel­lent, kick ass chick. Keep it up.


Posted on: February 14, 2008 at 6:10 pmQuote this Comment
Jim Glee­son - Gravatar

Jim Glee­son said:

I have a freak­ish­ly strange olfac­to­ry mem­o­ry. I can remem­ber any­thing that I smell and usu­al­ly have the abil­i­ty to remem­ber when and where I was when I first smelled it. I keep lob­by­ing for scratch and sniff text­books, but no one seems to lis­ten. I also have been into elec­tron­ics. When I was 1 and a half years old…I crawled under a car and dis­man­tled the engine. My par­ents would have been furi­ous except that at 1 and half you are excep­tion­al­ly cute…even cov­ered in smudges of oil. I am not fond of research. I like to pon­tif­i­cate on sub­jects I know noth­ing about. As far as neat­ness goes, it seemed like futil­i­ty to me ear­ly on. The bat­tle against entropy is one of those that goes on no mat­ter how “neat” you are. I am a guy so I am more like vin­tage sec­ond hand stuff meets the 1st cen­tu­ry as in dec­o­ra­tions.

Posted on: February 16, 2008 at 6:22 pmQuote this Comment
Patrick Burleson - Gravatar

Patrick Burleson said:

Ran across your site from a Twit­ter ref­er­ence. I want­ed to com­ment that you seem like my female mir­ror. I love using my pho­to­graph­ic mem­o­ry for things like play­ing triv­ial pur­suit. Peo­ple hate play­ing it with me because I know things dur­ing that game I have no rea­son for know­ing. But some­time in the past I must have run across what­ev­er fact is being checked and I just pull it out after “see­ing” the ref­er­ence in my head. I could just about read the page.

Keep up the post­ing. Oh, and I read TUAW, but I nev­er notice the author name in my feed read­er, I usu­al­ly don’t care. Sor­ry. Well, I can always tell a Eri­ca Sudan post, but that’s for oth­er rea­sons.

Posted on: March 3, 2008 at 10:39 amQuote this Comment
Tina Ander­son - Gravatar

Tina Ander­son said:

I am so much like you! I have had an obses­sion for elec­tron­ics my entire life and I tend to talk very fast as well. The only dif­fer­ence I can see is that my OCD has been life­long and nev­er lets up, while your’s took a break.

Posted on: March 6, 2008 at 1:34 pmQuote this Comment
April Lane’s Home Clean­ing - Gravatar

April Lane’s Home Clean­ing said:

I am a habit­u­al talk­er myself, and you are right! It annoys peo­ple around me, but I believe that I tend to think of the bright­est ideas when­ev­er I talK! =)

Posted on: July 13, 2011 at 10:28 amQuote this Comment