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Archive for January, 2008

  • Jan 2008
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Blogging updates…

My blog will be getting a minor facelift. No, nothing radical -- I'll just be updating to the latest version...

  • Jan 2008
  • 30

Quoted! (sort of)…

Forgive me for being self-indulgent, it's not every day I see my name and something I wrote quoted in something...

  • Jan 2008
  • 29

LEGO and childhood toys…">On LEGO and childhood toys…

I'm a huge fan of toys in general; like, for someone who has absolutely no desire to have children, I...

  • Jan 2008
  • 24

Squadcast #10 — Searching for the Future

I really, really wish we had been able to do a better job with this one, because I think the...

  • Jan 2008
  • 24

FTW!…">Ecto sucks, MarsEdit FTW!…

In the words of the fabulous Heidi Klum, "Ecto, you're out."...

  • Jan 2008
  • 23

Musings and Meanderings…

I start­ed writ­ing about the Oscar nom­i­na­tions ear­li­er yes­ter­day, but I got side-tracked with my foot, live blog­ging the Apple...

  • Jan 2008
  • 21

Fun with Google Webmaster Tools

However, my absolute favorite (and #10 on the list with 2% of searches) is...

  • Jan 2008
  • 14

Squadcast #9 — Making Video for the Web

We had a ton of fun with this episode — dig­i­tal video is one of my pas­sions, and as ghet­to...

  • Jan 2008
  • 10

Crazy Eight for ’08 — 8 things About Me Meme

...and since this site/blog is in the early stages of its life/development, I think it's a good idea to share...

  • Jan 2008
  • 7

Squadcast #8 — So You Think You Can Podcast

The Squad­cast 08 — So You Think You Can Pod­cast



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