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Phase One: Complete!

  • Posted: December 29, 2007
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  • Author: Christina
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What do you know, for the first time in recent memory, I finished something early.

So, two days ago, I said I want­ed to have a basic work­ing ver­sion of my design/color mod com­plete by the first of the year. What do you know, for the first time in recent mem­o­ry, I fin­ished some­thing ear­ly. This web­site thing, “work in progress” has been a run­ning joke with me for no joke, like 7 years — so this is actu­al­ly pret­ty mon­u­men­tal.

I will final­ly have a blog not attached to a user­name — mean­ing I feel all pro­fes­sion­al and adult and what­not. Well, not real­ly, but I fig­ured I need­ed a place­hold­er for my free­lance writ­ing stuff that was­n’t MySpace or Face­book, and I have want­ed to get at least some ver­sion of a per­son­al home page in a mod­ern form up for­ev­er.

I decid­ed to use this URL, rather than or (warn­ing, nei­ther of those goes any­where) because I still hope to do some­thing cool­er with one or both. Unless the bitch who owns wants to sell me the URL on the cheap, this is my next best option. And I mean bitch in the best pos­si­ble way (you nev­er know who is read­ing). My next steps are to iron out a few things with the col­or mod (which I’m quite proud of, I must say) and fig­ure out the best way to inte­grate my Twit­ter tweets.

Thanks again to Chris Mur­phy for pro­vid­ing the source to his AWESOME theme. I tru­ly believe that the biggest hur­dle imped­ing my devel­op­ment of this site was find­ing a good design or even worse, tak­ing the time to try to cre­ate one from scratch. I’m pret­ty good with Pho­to­shop and I can make stuff more than pass­able look­ing — but I’m not a design­er, and I don’t have the patience to build a theme from scratch (maybe if I were moti­vat­ed enough, but it’s just SO much work). At the same time, I real­ly want­ed to avoid get­ting a Word­Press theme that every­one else uses. This way, I get some­thing that looks very, very cool, and I’ve col­or mod­ded it to make it unique to my site. I’m excited.Out!




December 2007

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Chris Mur­phy - Gravatar

Chris Mur­phy said:


Christi­na, this colour mod looks amaz­ing! I’m tru­ly glad to see that some­one was able to take the source files and do some­thing real­ly great with it. I haven’t been back here in a bit, but this per­son­al­ized theme for your blog seems to real­ly suit you. I’m com­ment­ing from my iPod Touch right now, and every­thing looks pret­ty nifty still — btw, I’ll be releas­ing my iPhone theme and source in the next week, I would love to see an imple­men­ta­tion here 😉

Great stuff!

Posted on: January 7, 2008 at 10:30 pmQuote this Comment
Christi­na - Gravatar

Christi­na said:

Thank you so much! I have loved work­ing with your theme, and as I said before — doing the mod make me appre­ci­ate the metic­u­lous time you took to putting all the pieces togeth­er even more.

Oh, that’s great news about you releas­ing the iPod Phone theme! I will def­i­nite­ly work to imple­ment that here too — I blog for an Apple site,, so that will be real­ly great.

Thanks again for your kind com­ments and your won­der­ful design.

Posted on: January 8, 2008 at 12:37 amQuote this Comment