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Testing Part Deux…

I have basically 5 days to get a working version of up and running - at least a basic working version.

OK — the Yahoo! plu­g­in sucked hard­core (you can see my gen­er­al pan­ning here) — but the over­all Word­Press test con­tin­ues. I have basi­cal­ly 5 days to get a work­ing ver­sion of up and run­ning — at least a basic work­ing ver­sion.

For the record, I have blogged before and hard­cod­ed HTML and CSS (and PHP) before — but I’ve nev­er used Word­Press and at the present time, my feel­ings are mixed. On the one hand, I like the flex­i­bil­i­ty and the poten­tial the sys­tem offers. On the oth­er hand, I hate how half-assed cer­tain fea­tures are at present-time and the design aspect — while infi­nite­ly eas­i­er using some­one else’s bril­liant theme (seri­ous­ly, this theme is gor­geous), is still kind of a bear due to the kind of hap­haz­zard nature of pulling it all togeth­er. Real­ly, what it is, I like Word­Press — I HATE the Word­Press dash­board. It’s messy and over­ly com­pli­cat­ed and while I would do every­thing from FTP, there are some set­tings that have to be man­aged via the web inter­face and that’s just annoy­ing.

Also annoy­ing? Using the online blog edi­tor. For all the years I used Live­Jour­nal, I almost nev­er used the web-side edi­tor to post — I always used a client. I like MarsEd­it — I mean, I bought the damn thing — but it weird­ly isn’t as great as Semag­ic was for LJ in Win­dows — but it’s the best option out there for Mac. I’m using the web inter­face now though, and I want to die. I hate hav­ing to code my HTML links by hand in stead of being able to paste them WYSIWYG style. What­ev­er.




December 2007

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Christi­na - Gravatar

Christi­na said:

This is a test

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Christi­na - Gravatar

Christi­na said:


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Chris - Gravatar

Chris said:

I prob­a­bly should have men­tioned this on a post when I first released the theme — and I’m sure you’re won­der­ing this — the ini­tial por­tion of your cur­rent post­ing (or any post­ing you’re actu­al­ly read­ing) is deter­mined by the option­al text for your arti­cle, which you can see the entry fields for when you’re com­pos­ing a new arti­cle. Scroll down a lit­tle on the page and you’ll find an expando (should say “option­al …” some­thing or oth­er…). My first para­graph of what­ev­er post­ing is writ­ten there, and the remain­der is done in the main edit­ing win­dow. You may find this to be a bit tricky to deal with at first as some­times your arti­cles might have to be writ­ten in such a way that it reads sen­si­bly with­out the option­al text. If you don’t like it, you can com­ment it out in the main entry div. Alter­nate­ly, you could use PHP to cap­ture the first para­graph in the entry and apply a sep­a­rate “excerpt” style to the para­graph tag to get the same effect.

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Chris - Gravatar

Chris said:

You may like this if you hate the WP Dash­board: Win­dows Live Writer.

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