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  • Jan 2010
  • 7

Grace and Dignity…Roger Ebert is the Man

Roger Ebert has always been one of my professional heroes. He is now one of my personal heroes as well.

  • Jun 2009
  • 19

Why Movies Matter: “Up”

I posted about this in my Tumblr, but I needed to do a full, proper post. John Gruber linked to...

  • Apr 2009
  • 21

The Flickcast is ON FIRE


  • Feb 2009
  • 22

The Oscars 2009: Predictions/Thoughts

Well, as expected, yesterday’s Best Picture Showcase was AWESOME. My mom and I had a great time and Grant joined...

  • Feb 2009
  • 20

Blogging the Best Picture Marathon 2009

Like last year (and the year before), I'll be seeing all five Best Picture nominees back-to-back tomorrow! But this year,...

  • Sep 2008
  • 27

Paul Newman: Film Legend

Paul Newman was more than just an actor, or even a star; he was a legend. A great man, a...

  • Jun 2008
  • 23

Film_Girl Gets Slashed!

I'll be a guest on the /Filmcast tonight (June 23, 2008) talking movies, culture and Get Smart!

  • May 2008
  • 27

Remembering Sydney Pollack

Sydney Pollack was one of the rare individuals who was an equally skilled actor and director. He never came across...

  • Feb 2008
  • 25

2008 Oscars Wrap up (and my favorite moment)

Although there were a few really nice moments during this year's telecast, my favorite moment was the performance and subsequent...

  • Feb 2008
  • 24

The Oscars 2008: Pre-game Predictions/Thoughts

You might not want to necessarily bet money on these predictions, but these are my thoughts nonetheless...


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