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SXSWi 2009, Oh my!

I'll be at SXSWi again this year, dude, it'll be so good but I'm already so worn out!

See me spea at SXSW 2009 ( I leave for Austin for SXSW 2009 in like 10 hours. Holy shit am I com­pletely not packed. I’m wash­ing my jeans right now (drip dry­ing them this quickly will be fun. Hello dry­ing rack!) and then have like four sep­a­rate loads of cloth­ing to do. I’ll be doing some­thing I almost never do — tum­ble dry­ing my t-shirts on low. I’d like to avoid it, but um, there’s not way I can drip dry every­thing in this amount of time. No fuck­ing way.

So Grant and I are dri­ving this year. After last year’s hilar­i­ous, yet ulti­mately awe­some snafu with the whole hav­ing to drive from Dal­las to Austin with friends I made at the air­port bit last year, it made more sense for us to drive this year. Espe­cially when we booked our hotel in Novem­ber, you know, before flights got so cheap. Le sigh.

The awe­some, Corvida will be road trip­ping it with us, and we plan on hav­ing a blast. Chris, the brother of the AWESOME Kim­berly, of Rega­tor fame will be dri­ving back with us. Geek trip!

OK, so I’ll be in Austin, God-willing, from Thurs­day — Wednes­day. DM me on Twit­ter (@film_girl) so we can meet up if you’re in town.


Be sure to check out my Stu­dioSX inter­view with skinnyCorp’s Jef­frey Kalmikoff on Sat­ur­day at 3:00 PM. You can also watch the video online after­wards, and I’ll be sure to pimp it out — you know, unless I roy­ally fuck up or some­thing. Just kid­ding, even if I fuck it up I’ll still pimp the hell out of it.

Vic­tor is lead­ing a Core Con­ver­sa­tion about organ­i­cally grow­ing a fan­base and Grant and I will both be giv­ing some of our thoughts.

I’ll also be mod­er­at­ing a panel on The Con­ver­gence of High-End Design, Fash­ion and Tech­nol­ogy at 5 PM.

And of course, I plan on attend­ing as many par­ties, meet-ups and drink­ing ses­sions as possible.

Oh — and because Grant has to have some­thing attention-grabbing at any­thing he does, we cre­ated to coin­cide with his new brand: social media “expert.” Really, it’s just a play on all the peo­ple that brand them­selves as experts in mar­ket­ing or social media or this or that, but really have no qual­i­fi­ca­tions or ideas on what is actu­ally required. Plus, it matches his busi­ness cards. Which I also designed. :-)

OK, my jeans are done, the reds are in the wash and I’m off to do like 50 other things.

See you in Austin!



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Brian Parks - Gravatar

Brian Parks said:

Lucky. You’re always going to all these cool events. BTW I didn’t know you were also a designer.

Posted on: March 11, 2009 at 1:28 pmQuote this Comment
Jef­frey - Gravatar

Jef­frey said:

Don’t worry, there’s just as much chance that I’ll fuck it up — prob­a­bly even moreso than you!

Posted on: March 11, 2009 at 3:04 pmQuote this Comment