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New Year, New Apartment and Macworld 2009

Happy almost 2009! The last few months of my life have been CRAZY and the next 12 days look to be even more insane!

I know, I know — I’m like the world’s worst blog-updater. Whatever, I think I’ve earned a reprieve — as I’ll explain below.

First things first: Happy almost 2009! The last few months of my life have been CRAZY and the next 12 days look to be even more insane! I wish everyone a joyous and exciting 2009, with a special finger-crossed wish that the US housing industry gets back on-track (or at least, more on-track). My dad is a builder/developer, so I clearly have a personal connection to this whole crisis, but truly, the economy as a whole won’t be able to bounce back until housing gets out of the weeds.

But on to more pleasant topics:

The last few weeks have been an absolute whirlwind. Chritmas (Merry Christmas everyone!), working, packing and just yesterday — moving into a gorgeous, huge, awesome apartment with my one and only. We were originally scheduled to move on January 2 — thankfully we were able to take possession of our new unit early and move earlier.

I leave for Macworld 2009 on Sunday January 4, 2009. Wow, that’s like 5 says away. Freaky. I’m going on behalf of TUAW and I’m ecstatic that I’ll finally get to meet a bunch of my fellow bloggers in person for the first time!

The new apartment is awesome. It’s more than twice the size of our old place (where I lived for 5 and a half years — my entire early twenties were in that apartment!) but in the same complex and it has an amazing, amazing floorplan. I have photos that I’ll upload to Flickr as soon as I can find my camera adaptor. Still unpacking.

Anyhoo, New Years Eve is tomorrow night and I’ll be a mix of unpacking, packing and other such stuff until then. So I won’t be able to do my usual yearly New Year post (well, probably not), so I’ll just say it now:

Happy New Year!


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Torley - Gravatar

Torley said:

WOW I had to scroll down a long way to get to your comments. =)

Srsly, Christina, enjoy the beginning to end of your 2009. I enjoy your Mac posts (recently got a Mac Pro) and… I saw you over in the Case Studies area of LittleSnapper. OH JOY.

Posted on: December 31, 2008 at 5:26 pmQuote this Comment
kelsey - Gravatar

kelsey said:

🙂 congrats on the new place, girlie!! Can’t wait to see pics!

Happy new year!

Posted on: December 31, 2008 at 9:26 pmQuote this Comment

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