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Ryan Adams Performs Bad Blood

  • Posted: September 17, 2015
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Zane Lowe — Apple Music

Zane’s World Record for Sep­tem­ber 17th, 2015 is Ryan Adams’ cover of Tay­lor Swift’s hit song

  • May 2014
  • 12

I’ll Will Be Interviewing Fred Wilson At Internet Week

I’m super psy­ched to share that I will be inter­view­ing Fred Wil­son dur­ing Inter­net Week at and event Dis­qus is putting together titled, A Break­fast Engage­ment: Do We Mea­sure What Matters?

Like so many oth­ers, I am a long­time fan and admirer …

  • Oct 2013
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Mediashift recognizes Medium has momentum

Other writ­ers are hes­i­tant about Medium. Christina War­ren, senior tech ana­lyst at Mash­able, has five drafts that she has yet to publish.

Part of the rea­son I haven’t pub­lished to Medium is because I’m slightly intim­i­dated. I know that is illog­i­cal and insane on the sur­face, but I feel intim­i­dated and …

  • Oct 2013
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Next stop Çingleton!

Des­ole. Je ne com­prends pas! 

I’ll be say­ing that a lot this week­end. I’ll also be speak­ing at Çingleton–in English.

Thank you to the orga­niz­ers of Çingle­ton 3 for the invi­ta­tion to speak!

Also speak­ing this weekend:

Matt Drance
Jessie Char
Rob Rhyne
Dave Teare
Dan Moren
Jonathan Deutsch
Sebastiaan de With...

  • Oct 2013
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Is It Curtains for Paid Apps?

Hit­ting the paid app charts just doesn’t mean what it used to.

Con­tinue read­ing at

  • May 2013
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Girls with Glass discovers a picture of me in the not-too-distant-future, wearing Google Glass

Christina War­ren tries Google Glass

”Why is it only my [Gl]ass that ever gets invited places?” — ‘Sheila’ from A Cho­rus Line

  • Dec 2012
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Tech lookalikes says I’m a wringer for Anne Hathaway

Anne Hath­away dop­pel­gänger, Christina War­ren of

The jig is up. They found me out.

  • Dec 2012
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WordPress 3.5

Oooh, inline Instagram.

  • Nov 2012
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Testing JetPack 2.0

Jet­Pack 2.0 is out and I’m test­ing some of the new fea­tures ahead of my Mash­able review.

It now fea­tures auto-publicize stuff, which is totally cool.

  • Sep 2012
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Doing a Liveblog

I’m try­ing out Automattic’s Live­blog plugin.

With any luck, this will actu­ally work and my shitty grid server won’t crash under the load of 20 peo­ple online at once.

Not really sure what this is sup­posed to do. It’s not show­ing up for Stephanie.


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